About the HPC Innovation Center

The Gateway to HPC Innovation

The High Performance Computing Innovation Center (HPCIC) provides companies with access to at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's supercomputers, software and domain expertise, as well as practiced guidance on the application of advanced computing technologies.

Through enabling collaborative engagements, HPCIC can help companies increase their understanding of complex technologies and systems, accelerate their innovation processes, and expand the value they derive from their use of computing.

We're offering a level of computing that is transformational, enabling the design and execution of studies that were previously impossible, opening opportunities for new scientific discoveries and breakthrough results. -Fred Streitz, HPCIC Director

Once solely the domain of national labs, advanced computing now helps innovative commercial companies bring better products to market faster, with higher initial quality and longer product life.

Industry leaders are reducing overall development times and costs by using high performance computing (HPC) to conduct virtual experiments, analysis, prototyping and testing.

Despite these advantages some industries have been slow to adopt HPC-based research and development, hampered by barriers that include the lack of access to supercomputers, scalable software, and the expertise needed to effectively use them to solve relevant business and technical problems.

Working with companies in the biotech, manufacturing, energy, semiconductor, entertainment sectors and beyond, the HPCIC brings decades of experience and unique capabilities for solving complex, high-impact problems to bear on the problems of individual companies and industries, making the impossible possible.


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