HPC Boosts Industry

Faster. Cheaper. Safer. Greener. Better.  Staying competitive means staying ahead.

High performance computing (HPC) powers dynamic inventions and innovations in almost every enterprise—from drug discovery and medical devices, aerospace and transportation, to manufacturing and consumer goods. Over the last two decades, supercomputers have transformed the way the world conducts scientific and engineering research. It has enabled discovery, insight and development in a way no other capability can claim.

Supercomputers offer an extraordinary opportunity to design products and services faster, minimize the time to create and test prototypes, streamline production processes, and develop high-value innovations that would otherwise be impossible. — Council on Competitiveness report, 2008

Modeling and Simulation

Simulation—the ability to virtually mimic physical phenomena with great accuracy—is now considered a peer to theory and experiment. Through HPC simulations, great advancements have been won in medicine, energy, aviation, manufacturing — among many examples.

The speed of HPC simulations opens the door to great possibilities. An HPC simulation calculates many times faster than on a typical desktop computer; one measured in hours on a large cluster could be measured in years on a desktop.

  • If designing a product, complex models allow developers to create virtual prototypes of new devices and work through design iterations.
  • Faster evaluation can reduce time to market.
  • Money is saved honing in on validated ideas from simulations before moving to "live" prototypes.
  • A more detailed analysis that would take far too long otherwise can lead to a better designed product.
  • Simulations might reveal a design flaw or show how a workflow can be improved, allowing developers to implement new ideas before building with materials.
  • In some cases, experimental testing is simply too cost prohibitive to even consider or otherwise impossible to conduct.

The Competitive Advantage

There’s growing consensus worldwide among companies that HPC is a key to accelerating the technological innovation that underpins economic vitality. Forefront HPC has moved from a tool developed and used by the national security laboratories like LLNL to a critical tool for companies looking to solve complex challenges and gain, or maintain, a competitive edge.

Leading companies have gained faster answers, greater accuracy, and more confident decision making on diverse challenges such as:

  • Model and simulation-based prototyping and testing
  • Smart grid optimization
  • Predictive simulations for renewable energy sources
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device development
  • Material sciences for additive manufacturing
  • Software application optimization
  • HPC development tool creation
  • Big data visualization

Supercomputing is part of the corporate arsenal to beat rivals by staying one step ahead of the innovation curve.

- Deborah Wince-Smith, U.S. Council on Competitiveness

HPC Benefits to Industry

"The Exascale Effect: the Benefits of Supercomputing Investment for U.S. Industry" study conducted by the U.S. Council on Competitiveness.

What is HPC?

HPC aggregates the computing power of many processors—directed by specialized software to work in parallel—for completion of large calculations in a practical timeframe.

With HPC, leading companies gain faster discovery, greater accuracy and deeper insight to their science, engineering and business solutions.

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