HPC Solutions: Case Studies

The High Impact of HPC

The benefit to industry is undeniable. High performance computing is changing the way companies invent, innovate and compete.

Explore just some of the ways Livermore's HPC is thrusting its partners ahead.


Energy and Environment

Case Study: PLEXOS and Power Modeling Software

Scaling from Desktop to HPC platform, Energy Exemplar's commercial software code gained 1000x in performance.
Bioscience and Bioengineering

Case Study: Cardioid and Drug Discovery

Near real-time heart simulation allows cardiotoxicity studies and in-silico drug development opportunities never before possible.
Computational Science and Engineering

Case Study: Navistar and Semi-Truck Fuel Efficiency

Navistar gained 17% improved fuel economy through simulations of vehicle geometry for hood, engine, wheels, wheel wells, door handles.

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