The Livermore Difference

Why Livermore is the Choice for R&D Innovation

As a hotspot for high-end science and technology, we bank on our advanced HPC assets to deliver critical, high-impact results for the nation’s security. A decade ahead of most private sector capabilities, our state-of-the-art computing and world-class brain trust regularly fuse science, software and compute cycles into headline solutions.

Proprietary Protection

Gain peace of mind.

We understand the threat competition brings and the need for confidentiality. Shielding sensitive information is engrained in our people, processes and infrastructure.

We secure your information and results at the level you need.

Decades of Delivery

Get answers when you need them.

Our scientists and engineers solve hard problems on strict timetables. Over decades of executing projects, we’ve mastered a perpetual production environment.

Results are delivered when needed and where no solution exists, we create one.

Comprehensive Ecosystem

Get the best team and tools on your side.

Our people—more than 3,000 domain experts—experimental and theoretical researchers, engineers, and computer scientists—propel R&D across a wide range of disciplines. Our extensive HPC software library includes highly-scalable application codes, numerical libraries and performance tools. Our computing assets consist of over 25 diverse systems for modeling and simulation, visualization and data analytics as well as supporting parallel file and storage systems.

We consistently solve the nation’s science and technology challenges with this robust and ready R&D ecosystem.

Working with us gets you tapped into the collective knowledge, know-how and resources that drive results and fuel boundless innovation.

Calculated Confidence

Reduce risk with precision.

With high impact and high stakes, our results have to be right—even when we don’t have all the data. The rigorous methods we’ve created for quantifying uncertainty can help you navigate around unknowns toward sound solutions.

Long-term Value

Amplify your company’s investment.

As an applied research facility, custom work and collaboration defines our culture. Working closely with you, solutions are fitted to your business workflows. The insight, data and training you take back to your company return value now and into the future.


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