Livermore's HPC Ecosystem

Built on Experience and Expertise

Companies have access to the nation’s leading high performance computing (HPC) resources at LLNL to accelerate their research and development, solve high-impact business problems and gain competitive advantages. We've built a world-class HPC ecosystem to address a diverse range of complex computational challenges critical to national and international concerns:

  • Advanced supercomputing architectures 5 to 15 years ahead of industry capabilities
  • Massive Linux clusters achieving many hundreds of teraflop/s
  • Progressive, high-memory big data architectures
  • State-of-the-art visualization hardware and software for 2D and 3D data analysis
  • Archival data storage in the hundreds of petabytes range
  • Highly-scalable scientific, algorithmic and application software codes
  • Broad population of leading domain science, engineering, and computational experts
  • HPC facilities with award-winning electrical, mechanical and structural design
  • Customer training and 24/7 operations support

Our broad, robust ecosystem keeps us at the vanguard of computing. With it, we have both a long history and a promising future of turning compute cycles into science and solutions.

Computing Assets Available for Industry

At Livermore, the high-performance computing (HPC) includes more than 25 systems for parallel numerical simulations, visualization, and data analytics backed by several massive parallel file systems and storage archives. Below is just a sample of the type of resources available.


Data-Intensive Computing
Only the speed of HPC can match the pace of rapid information growth. Through new generations of architecture providing large memory and data storage with high-speed networking, novel data-intensive technologies and algorithms are developed to glean insight and discovery from big data.
Cluster Computing
The workhorses of computing, our expansive cluster resources power science and engineering discoveries and innovation. Regardless of your parallel processing needs, we have the capacity to scale up your innovation.
Advanced HPC Architectures
With many serial #1 machines in our history, the frontier of hyper-scaled systems is our home. The advanced architectures here now will be commonplace for use in a decade or less. Systems like our 5 petaflop IBM BlueGene/Q Vulcan leapfrog your competitive position offering solution possibilities far ahead of the curve.

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