HPC at LLNL In the News

Wall Street Journal | Nov 25, 2014
Livermore will sit a new IBM/NVIDIA system in 2017 which will exploit new technologies and advance scientific computational abilities.
HPC Wire | Sep 3, 2013
The alliance will help industry stakeholders in both countries leverage supercomputing to accelerate innovation and boost competitiveness.
Computerworld | Jul 17, 2013
One of the most powerful supercomputers in the nation's IT arsenal is available to any U.S. business...
HPC Wire | Jun 26, 2013
Vulcan, LLNL's BG/Q system available to industry, provides opportunities for software development and scaling on its advanced architecture.
Popular Mechanics | Oct 22, 2012
True-to-life electrophysiological simulations of the human heart allow for possibilities with in-silico drug discovery and development.
HPC Wire | Jun 27, 2012
Researchers at IBM and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) today announced that they are broadening their nearly 20-year collaboration in high performance computing (HPC) by joining forces to work with industrial partners to help boost their competitiveness in the global economy.
HPC Wire | Jun 27, 2012
With IBM and as part of the Deep Computing Solutions collaboration, the HPC Innovation Center at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announce availability of Vulcan, a 5-petaflop Blue Gene/Q for use by industrial clients and partners.


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